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Customers can't buy what they can't see, which is why it's important for your store to have display racks, fixtures and mannequins from Heartland Mannequins & Displays in use. Showcase fashionable clothing within your store for all to see with excellent display fixtures and mannequins from our professionals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With various wholesale and retail display fixtures, gridwall and mannequins for you to choose from, finding the perfect combination to beautifully promote your fashions won't be hard!  now for more details about our child, female, and male mannequins, all of which help customers imagine themselves wearing your clothes for sale.


Display - Display Mannequins in Oklahoma City, OK

We Have Many Kinds of Products

♦ Whole Mannequins ♦ Hanging Mannequins ♦ Mannequin Heads ♦ Gridwall ♦ Display Racks

Displaying the Best in Mannequins & Fixtures. Heartland Mannequins & Displays is an established provider of display fixtures and mannequins that are easy to use and affordable. Once you're done placing your order, you'll walk away saying "Wow! That was the easiest purchase I ever made." One way we make the buying process easier is through our affordable pricing. We're a direct importer of display mannequins & display fixtures, enabling us to pass the savings onto you.


Give Life to Your Clothing Store's Fashions with Our Child Mannequins, Male Mannequins, & Female Mannequins

Entice customers to spend money on fashions within your store by displaying your clothing on masculine male and sexy female mannequins from our company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Heartland Mannequins & Displays is the only name you need to know when you want to elevate your customers' interest in your clothing for sale. Our display mannequins include whole bodies, half-bodies, display heads and display hands for displaying any and all clothing, jewelry and accessories you have in stock!  today for more details about our wide range of display mannequins.


Various Mannequins for Multiple Purposes
Fix your customers' eyes on Child mannequins, female mannequins, and male mannequins from our company. No matter what department you need mannequins for, you can find what you need in our inventory. We have realistic mannequins, abstract mannequins, headless mannequins, sexy mannequins, mannequins for maternity, plus-size mannequin, glossy mannequins, colorful mannequins and other mannequin styles and selection for the inside of your store.

Hanging Mannequins
These plastic hanging mannequins are very popular in stores because they're effective in displaying shirts for men, women, and children. They're designed from the middle of the neck to the pelvis and available in full, half, and children's torso sizes.

Mannequin Heads
Do you have hats, wigs, and/or jewelry for sale? Display it with our male and female mannequin heads or our display fixtures. These heads also work for displaying scarves and general decoration within your store.


Showcase Your Store's Apparel More Accurately with Our Fantastic Clothing Racks, Displays and Fixtures.


Make apparel in your store more easily accessible to customers with superior clothing display fixtures, racks, gridwall panels and slatwall panels from our company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Heartland Mannequins & Displays is proud to offer your store a wide range of display fixtures and clothing racks for more organization and shopping appeal your customers will appreciate.  for more details about the kinds of display racks and clothing displays we have in stock.

Different Lines of Display Fixtures

Economic Display Fixtures - All Display Fixtures Are a Powder Gray Color

Boutique / Elegant Display Fixtures -
Antique Color with Classy Look (Popular in Boutiques & High-End Stores)

Chrome Display Fixtures -
Found in Most Retail Stores

Textured Display Fixtures -
Black & Coal Color with Rustic Style

Display Cases - Glass Display/Showcases availble (Checkout/Register Stands, Jewelry Displays and others.

Sunglass Displays & LED Signs - Several Styles of Sunglass Displays and LED OPEN signs and Pricing/Tagging Guns.

Gridwall & Slatwall Display Fixtures - Hang on the Wall & Add Hooks to Display Clothing (Also Freestanding with bases)

*Stand-Alone, Display Cases, Showcases and Countertop fixtures Also Available